[16 Mar. 2023]
  • Elytra, New Series Submission Guidelines [in English]
  • Annual Meeting on Dec. 10-11, 2022 will be held ONLINE due to COVID19
  • Sayabane (N.S) No. 47 Contents of the newest issue (Sep. 2022)[In Japanese]
  • Elytra (N.S) Vol.12 No.1 Contents of the newest issue (Sep. 2022)
  • Elytra (N.S)Vol.1(1)-7(1)[Full Text PDF: Open Access]
  • Sayabane (N.S) No. 1-27 (2010-2017Sep.)[Full Text PDF: Open Access]
  • Welcome to Coleopterological Society of Japan

    Image This is a society of the scientists studying the beetles (Coleoptera), mainly on taxonomy. We have published many description of new species since 1946.

     In 2010, "The Japan Coleopterological Society" and "The Japanese Society of Coleopterology" were combined.  A new society began at the beginning of 2011 under the name of "The Coleopterological Society of Japan" (Head Office: National Science Museum, Tsukuba).  "The Entomological Review of Japan, Osaka" and "Elytra, Tokyo" are succeeded to a new biannually issued journal "Elytra (New Series)".



    Periodical Publications (2011-)

    - ELYTRA (New Series)

    - Sayabane (New Series): In Japanese.

    - ¥8,000(JPY)/year [domestic]
    - ¥10,000(JPY)/year [overseas]
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    Request to issue invoice: Email to hippodamia13@gmail.com

    A book dealer "Roppon-ashi" in Tokyo accepts your orders.

    We can accept wholesale orders from book dealers. Please contact to the society treasurer Michiaki Hasegawa (hasegawa-michi@msi.biglobe.ne.jp).


    We exchange with any publications on entomology.  Please contact persons in charge below.  Please note the accurate name of the person in charge and mailing address of your library.

    E-mail goes to both 2 persons below:library@coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp

    (A) Public Relation staff (contact for exchanges and/or missing issues from our society)

    Yasuhiko Hayashi (Mr.)
    3-1-73 Suimeidai, Kawanishi City, Hyogo Pref., 666-0116  JAPAN

    E-mail: hayashiy@silver.ocn.ne.jp

    (B) Society Library (Post address of your new publications for exchange)

    The Coleopterological Society of Japan (Library),
    c/o Shigehiko Shiyake (Mr.), Osaka Museum of Natural History,
    Nagai Park 1-23, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 546-0034   JAPAN
    E-mail: hippodamia13@gmail.com

    Previous Publications [PDFs]

    - Entomological Review of Japan, Osaka (1946-2010)
    Elytra, Tokyo (1973-2010)
    Coleopterists' News(1968-2010: In Japanese)
    Nejirebane(1956-2010: In Japanese)
    (1975-1988: In Japanese)

    Special Publications]
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    Annual Meeting

    Online Dec. 4 - 5, 2021

    Programs and Presentation Abstracts at Previous Meetings [in Japanese]

    2018  Utsunomiya  http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/event/taikai/CSJ2018program.pdf
    2017  Shizuoka  http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ2017-abstract.pdf
    2016  Osaka  http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ2016-summary.pdf 
    2015  Kitakyushu http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ-abstract2015.pdf 
    2014 Kurashiki, Okayama http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ-absttract2014.pdf
    2013 Atsugi, Kanagawa http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ-abstract2013.pdf
    2012 Toyohashi, Aichi  http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ-proceeding2012.pdf
    2011 Sapporo http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ-proceeding2011.pdf
    2010 Osaka http://coleoptera.sakura.ne.jp/gallery/CSJ-proceeding2010.pdf

    Regional Meetings

    In order to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV ) infection, Spring Meetings of the Coleopterological Society of Japan in March = Tokyo (March 14: Sat), Nagoya (March 15: Sun), and Osaka (March 28: Sat) will all be canceled. We are sorry for those who were already scheduled.


    Annual Excursion